the history

1849 saw the discovery of Gold in California, predominately the Death Valley region.

An influx of prospectors scoured death valley looking for gold, silver, borax, lead, mercury, talc and several other minerals that would prove profitable.

Mining boomed in the valley and the early 1900s saw large towns appearing across the park. A link between the mines, mining companies, and large cities such as Los Angeles.

These towns were quickly built, serving the new community with shops, police departments, jails, and banks, each having their own red light districts and most importantly, railroads.

After the knickerbocker crisis of 1907, mining slowed and as a result the following years saw these large town collapse, leaving the shell of a town behind.

There are thousands of abandoned mines across death valley's 5200+ square miles. Many are lost forever, whilst some remain accessible with the correct safety equipment, and guidance.

Each town, each mine has its own history and stories. Now you can follow us, the Rubber Foot Buffalo Team while we unravel the mysteries of the valleys mining boom!

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